Even Our Nails Release a Lot Of Energy

Nails release a huge amount of energy; hence after shaking someone’s hand, it becomes easy to predict if the person has negative or positive thoughts. Mother is a symbol of love and care; therefore, her simple touch can help release all the tension. Since a long time, this therapy has been used, not only to provide relaxation, but also to treat various diseases. According to doctors, almost all of the physical problems are related to stress and what can be a better way of getting relief from stress than a body work. Therapists have come up with different techniques that involve touch therapy to provide ailment from overstressed muscles and tensed mind.

Have you ever wondered why a simple hug makes you feel so joyous? Why people shake hands when they meet for the first time? Why do we get a warm feeling when your mom keeps her hand on the forehand in times of high fever? It is all due to the touch therapy. Hugging someone involves body to body touch that helps relax the nerves hence providing relief to the mind. Apart from providing extreme relaxation it helps in maintaining the blood pressure and blood circulation, decrease anxiety, decrease sleep disorder and increases concentration.


Keeping this concept in mind, therapists have come up with a new healing technique that involves full body to body touch. It is more popular in USA and is known as Erotic Massage in Manhattan and all other states. If rubbing your forehead with your hand in case of a small bump can provide ailment then imagine what a full body to body rub can do. This body spa is carried out in a spiritual manner which takes you into a meditative state. This is necessary for the integration of the mind and body which in turn is beneficial to bring about a spiritual and emotional balance.

It can take away 80-90 percent of the stress which can have a healing effect on the body. This therapy not only provides relaxation but also coveys support and companionship which have a positive psychological effect. Spas and massage parlors promise 100% satisfaction which can only be achieved through true peace and relaxations, making this job a rather difficult one. Erotic massage in Manhattan is a process in which the therapist and the customer are naked. The masseuse first rubs the entire body with special oil. After this, the masseuse massages specific parts of the body which gives a feeling of sensuality. This feeling keeps on increasing with each step, thereby releasing all the toxicity from the body and the mind.