Four Hands Massage

Do not panic hearing the name, as this is one of the amazing massages given to our clients. The four hands massage is perfect for those who are pissed off with the daily routine and need some heavy dose to let go of everything in their life for the time they are in the massage room. The four hands massage will provide you with body rub New York but the only difference will be you will have two therapists paying attention to you alone.

During the four hands massage, two therapists will work on the same client. Well, the situation can be quite overwhelming for the client, as he will not know on which move he should react. The client is treated like a king where two masseuses are working for him and there are no other world tensions in his life. Body Rub in New York as it provides great relaxation to your mind and body, imagine, how it would be when two therapists are working on your body at the same time. You will be burst out of your emotions and you will surely come out of the massage room as the most relaxed person on earth.



A four hands massage is like two full body rubs in New York at the same time. The talented and licensed therapist treat the body of the client as their canvas where they will choreograph their moves slowly, steadily through which the client too can enjoy the moves and can feel each of the fingers of the therapist move on his body. There are a number of four hands massages and you can select the one that you feel right for you. Four hands massage will go bit heavy on your pocket as compared to the normal massage but the pleasure is just unforgettable. This is so because two therapists need to be compensated at the same time. Not all the spas offer this service, you can count on Honest Body Rub and we will provide you with excellent four hands massage.

Reasons to get four hands massage

When you have two therapists working for you, your mind and body will react differently. Your first feeling might be rushing where you will not know which move to compliment with a sensual reaction but as the massage moves ahead, your body and mind will make themselves comfortable with control over their reactions. Four hands massage is indeed a powerful treatment for the people who are absolutely exhausted in life and wishes a new turn in their lives.