Providing a full body massage is one of the best techniques to help a person to get rid of anxiety, stress and sore muscles. Have you ever tried massage?

Below are given some of the techniques and tips that you can adapt before giving a massage to anyone-

Ensure that the room is pleasant- First of all set in the surroundings and the mood of your room. As the ambience is the first thing that brings the comfort. You should also keep in mind that your partner must be comfortable during the massage, in case if he or she is not comfortable, then they would not be able to enjoy much!

Light some candles- keeping candles in a room will bring soothing and relaxing environment, so it is better to light some candle to create some romance mood between the two.

Play pleasing music- if you play pleasing music in the room it will create calm and relaxing environment during the procedure of the massage. You can opt for classical music or some tunes, both the options are cool.

Usage of massage oil- it is important to use an oil while giving massage to your partner. You can use different types of oil such as- coconut oil, buttermilk, milk, etc. using oil will help you to glide your hands smoothly, so you don’t cause pinching, pulling or any type of pain to your partner.

Keep different sizes of towel beside your hands- it is important to assure that you have enough towels with you while performing massage with your partner. Also, keep the towels clean, fresh, so that infection do not transfer from one partner to another.

Start with the feet- the first step when you start massaging is you should start your massage from your partner’s feet. Wrap both of your hands around the foot and use your thumbs so that enough pressure can be applied.

Move to the legs- when you finish your massage from the feet, then move on to the legs. Massage each leg separately so that you can apply relaxing strokes to your partner, apply pressure on the thighs so that stress can be released quickly.

Do the neck and the shoulder- when you get finished with feet, thighs, then move on to the neck and apply pressure to remove stress. Remember to keep your hands soft while putting pressure on the neck.

These were some tricks that you can follow while giving massage to your partner. Most importantly, try Nuru massage today! In NYC, Nuru massage is used widely.